Customised forced ventilation units

WISTRO will soon be introducing its new advanced internal rotor series, initially in sizes of 132 and 160 (and thus also 180 and 200/2-pole). In the future, well-established and more advanced features will work to complement each other in the ILI series.

NEW: The terminal box ends with the b-side bearing shield of the forced ventilation unit and can be turned by 90 degree thanks to its new square shape. The new plug arrangement results in a shorter structural dimension. Both sizes will also be available in 400/690V versions, whilst the 160 size is now also suitable for 1 ~ 60Hz operation. The air intake grille is flow optimised. The inner suction room will be used in the same way as before, which allows for installation against surfaces and thus leads to shorter installation dimensions. Of course, the new products also fulfill the ErP directive, valid from 2015.